A pool Implementation for golang

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pool.go is a pool implementation for golang. You may need it if you use golang with version <= 1.2

Its features include:

  • Network failure tolerance.
  • Establishing and closing connections on demand depending on the network state.


Just run go get github.com/jinntrance/pool


Initial a pool

var pool = Pool{
        //how to create a client and then put it into the pool
        New: func() (interface{}, error) {
                cli, err := CreateAClient(GetAServer())
                return cli, err
        //do something when closing the client
        Close: func(x interface{}) {
        PoolSize: 100, //MaxNum of clients to retain

Where Client is the type for your sepecific client. Then use the pool just created

cli, err := pool.Get()
if nil == err {
        client := cli.(*Client) //get a client and convert it to a specific type
        re, lastError := client.doSomething()
        err = lastError //record the last error
pool.Put(cli, err) // put back the client with the error. If error occurs and 'err' is not nil, 'cli' would be closed.